Why fall when you can jump?

Lise Leroux

Originally from Montreal, Lise has worked in learning and development within areas such as aviation security, language, transportation, publishing, finance, government, hospitality, and law. She designs and teaches courses in multiple areas, from customer service to people of 50 nationalities on cruise ships around the world, to leadership skills and advanced communication training to senior leaders in the Cabinet Office in London, UK.

Having always been afraid of heights (and not liking fear to win), Lise jumped out of one perfectly good aircraft in an effort to solve this, and found flying irresistible. She completed 600 jumps and parachuted into her own wedding to a fellow skydiver. She continued doing stunt work for corporate events for several years, arriving to locations by helicopter, parachute, boat, sailboat, or steam train.

Because of her lifelong interest in people and storytelling, it was an inevitable jump to becoming a writer and playwright. Her fiction has been published in several countries (Viking Penguin UK and Uitgeverij Arbeiderspers Netherlands) and several pieces performed on stage. Two of her books are required reading in university English literature courses, and her first novel was nominated for an international literary award (Orange Prize for Fiction).

 “Involved, exuberant … written with self-confidence and imaginative force.”

The Times

After far too many years in corporate life, Lise found that becoming a Life Cycle Celebrant was what she had always been missing. It finally gave her the opportunity to write and deliver ceremonies for real people possessing real emotions and genuine life stories. Being able to translate people’s stories into unique and memorable celebrations is an opportunity for which she is eternally grateful.

“Sometimes we get chances – opportunities – that we’re meant to take. And if you take the leap, things will open up and change. And if you take a step back instead? Okay. That’s your decision. But you’ll never know what you were supposed to find out.”

Kerry Winfrey, Things Jolie Needs to Do Before She Bites It

Create new traditions and unforgettable memories.

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