Do you allow religious content in your ceremonies?

As a non-denominational and interfaith officiant, I can include religious content and reflect any culture, spirit, beliefs or faith requested. Your ceremony will be unique and tailor-made without boundaries and restrictions.

Are you legally able to marry us?

I am legally able to marry you within the province of British Columbia. In some other countries, such as the UK, I can conduct the ceremony, but the legal documents are completed before or after the ceremony.

Where do you perform ceremonies?

Anywhere you like! I’m a fan of non-traditional venues or methods of transportation, but am just as happy to conduct a traditional ceremony in a park, on a roof, in a gazebo, or wherever you’d like.

Are you willing to travel to other destinations?

Definitely! I live in Kelowna, BC and travel throughout the province, nationally, and internationally (costs and travel dependant).

How far ahead should I book?

Wedding dates can tend to get booked up in advance, so the farther ahead you book the better. However, sometimes dates open up and you can request a date at short notice.

What happens to my personal information?

As a celebrant, I will be collecting personal details from you to communicate with you to create your ceremony. I will store it security and never share it with anyone else. Once your ceremony is delivered and you have a copy of the service, your personal info will be destroyed and no records will be kept.

What happens when I book a consultation?

As soon as I have your basic info, we arrange an in-person or skype no-obligation free meeting (depending on location). Once I know what you’re looking for within the basic and add-on options, I will provide you with a cost breakdown and give you a chance to think about it. Once you select me as your celebrant, we sign a contract, you pay a deposit, and we get to work on creating your unique, personalized ceremony.

Create new traditions and unforgettable memories.

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