“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

Oprah Winfrey

Personal Threshold

Maybe you want to celebrate a big moment, like a milestone birthday, retirement, new job, or finalise divorce. Let’s create a ceremony that carries you across the threshold into the next phase of your life either by yourself quietly, or arriving with a big splash.

New Business

Starting or new business or indeed closing one after years of operation is momentous. For years you have dreamed of the day you would open your own business and now it is here. Why not celebrate that milestone to cement the transition into your next chapter of life with a nod to all that you have done and a big welcome to your future world?


It’s critically important to avoid the trend of retreating into our phones and forgetting about our communities and sense of belonging to a group. What about bringing people together for celebration, healing, or in remembrance of a shared experience, place, or interest? We could honour the change of the seasons, growth of a city, or ending of a well-loved gathering or building.


Moving from or to a new home or location is more than just logistics. Relocating for a new dream, new job, partnership, or even a needed change – would all benefit from marking that milestone and making it meaningful. You are moving away from your home, friends, and community. It is a bittersweet passage as you prepare for the new life that awaits you and you look back over your shoulder at the life you are leaving behind. We can work together to create a farewell that honours the past, guides you through the change, and waves goodbye to you as you head out into your next chapter. Want to celebrate your new home and set your intentions for health, happiness and prosperity for the future? We can create a house blessing to set you off right in your new abode.

Create new traditions and unforgettable memories.

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