How much does a ceremony cost?

I will probably be about the same price as your cake and possibly a lot less than your dress but neither would speak, legally marry you, or create an unforgettable experience!

It depends. Weddings and other ceremonies vary hugely in terms of location, planning, venue visits, rehearsals, level of personalisation, celebrant input and responsibilities.  I provide a bespoke service with multiple options and need details about the type of ceremony you want so that I can give you an accurate quotation.  Please contact me at and I can provide you with a more precise estimate.

Basic to Deluxe Weddings

For a bespoke ceremony (spiritual, multi-cultural, interfaith, romantic, secular, Harry Potter-themed, marrying on a yacht, etc), we will combine all legal and personal elements with unlimited skyping, calls or emails to create your ceremony rituals, activities, and script. Rehearsals, walk-throughs, public speaking training for family members doing readings, as well as customized activities for your wedding guests during the space of time between wedding ceremony and reception. I will provide you with the ceremony delivery and keepsake script afterwards.

Costs range depending on type of service, time involved, date, and location, and are industry-standard, depending on options chosen. Below are other affordable options or add-ons which range in price (please contact me for more details).


  • Elopement or Simple Ceremony
    You arrive with marriage license and witnesses. Provides the opportunity to exchange rings and vows. Prices vary depending on location, venue, and time.
  • Small Wedding $$$ Cost Saver
    Small ceremony with under 10 guests, which includes vows and ring exchange. Perfect option if you want a simple ceremony if you’re having another bigger one out of country.
  • Relationship or Communication Coaching
    It is important to start out right with your new husband, wife, or partner, as well as your new extended families. In order to communicate effectively, and reduce conflict, why not consider relationship or communication coaching? This can give you tips and methods to be able to read other people more easily, set boundaries, and make your communication about a million times easier.
  • Interactive Pre or Post Ceremony Activities
    Interactive activities for family and friends before/after rehearsal dinner, or between ceremony and reception. Anything from a treasure hunt or communication-based activity to help all your disconnected guests get to know each other. Keep your guests busy, help them get them acquainted, and keep the wedding fun going!

Create new traditions and unforgettable memories.

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